Why would you need network cabling?

You need to connect your entire business for effortless sharing of information, operation of your in-house systems, operating productively and cost effectively, and this will require a comprehensive and solid IT infrastructure.  With more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge we will make sure that your business operates at its full capacity, 24/7.

The speed and reliability of your network will vastly be influenced by the quality of your network cabling.  Your cabling in fact is the first critical factor of a reliable, optimized network.  Therefore, it is imperative not only to have superior quality cables, but also having ACS Data Network as an experienced, dependable and trustworthy installer that you can trust, with your best interest at hart.

We are proud Gold Certified members of Molex and Krone.

We install the following Solid Copper Cables:


Cat5e cables is a good choice when installing voice and data cabling.  Your maximum data transfer with Cat5e cable is 1000 Mbps at 100 MHz


Cat6 cable, allows for fast and reliable data transfers, and is in a lot of cases the preferred choice in businesses, especially when you are using bandwidth hungry applications, and can give you 1000 Mbps at 250 MHz

Where do we install Cat5e and Cat6 Networks?

  • New Data Cable installations
  • New Voice Cabling Installations
  • Network installations for Call Centres
  • Network installations for Data Centres
  • Network installations for Server Rooms
  • Network installations for Offices and Homes
  • Network installations for Warehouses

What other services do we offer with CAT5e and Cat6 Networks?

  • We will test and repair, or replace your current faulty network cables
  • We can relocate your network cables
  • We also trace and label your entire network
  • We do server room renovations, upgrades and clean-ups
  • We do Cabinet clean-ups
  • LAN Refreshes