The most important fact to remember when designing and building your Server Room, is that you cannot compromise here, as this is the heart of your operation, and your network.  Saying this, we also know that every business is unique, and have unique design and specification as well as functionality needs.

There are many factors that will influence the design, installation and implementation of your server room.

  • Absolute security for protecting yours – Biometric, or Card Based control, all linked to your security cameras and video monitoring solutions
  • Full design and installations of your Cabinets, Shelving, Cabling, Switches, Fans etc.
  • Cooling solutions for your server room, ensuring that there is no fire hazard, also humidity and dehumidifying control
  • Fire protection, detection and suppression systems
  • Anti-Static and/or raised flooring solutions
  • Fibre backbone

Full back-up systems like UPS and Generator to ensure that you have 0% downtime