Why choose optical Fibre?

Optical fibre transmits over longer distances and at higher bandwidth (data charges) than with your Copper Cables.  One of the other great benefits of fibre, is that they are immune to electromagnetic interference, a problem that you can encounter with your copper cabling.

Where do we use Optic Fibre?

In the telecommunication industry, we use single mode fibre to connect long distance switches, central offices, subdivisions or office parks.  But fear not, we also supply and install Multi-Mode Fibre!

Local area networks (LAN’s) use fibre optics primarily in the backbone, but also to the desk.  Your LAN backbone, often will need longer distance than copper cable (Cat5e/Cat6) can provide and of course, the fibre offers higher bandwidth for future expansion.  Most large corporations/company LAN’s use fibre backbones with copper wire to the desktop.  But keep in mind, Fibre to the desk can be cost effective, and with our careful and expert design skills, will make sure that your network is properly designed.

Fibre optics is widely used over different kinds of installations and networks.  CCTV installations is often designed with fibre cables, because of the distance and voice immunity.  Your fibre network is also more secure, therefore used by the military for instance.

Fibre optic wires are becoming extremely popular, because of the fact that it makes your network extremely fast, reliable and efficient.  The benefits of a fibre network over traditional Copper cabling are amongst other things…

  • it is less expensive because several miles of optical cable can be made cheaper than the equivalent lengths of copper wire
  • It’s thinner than Copper Cabling
  • It has a higher carrying capacity with high bandwidth, because they are thinner than copper wires.
  • You will have less signal degradation – The loss of signal with optical fibre is less than with the traditional copper cables
  • Your fibre cables are ideally suitable to carry digital information, which are very useful in computer networks
  • Non-flammable – Because no electricity is passed through optical fibres, there is no fire hazard
  • Fibre cables are light weight and take up less space
  • And best of all…all this saves you money!

Where do we install Fibre Optic Networks?

  • New Voice Cabling Installations
  • Network installations for Call Centres
  • Network installations for Data Centres
  • Network installations for Server Rooms
  • Network installations for Offices and Homes
  • Network installations for Warehouses